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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Radical Feminists and Menstruation

Fucking radfems. Try working for a living instead of eating bon-bons and spending your HUSBAND'S money (if you're not a DYKE).

That period is Karmic justice; it's a month's worth of labor, anger, lust, hardship and hunger rolled into one week.

That's what you get for being a lazy cunt. If you weren't lazy, you'd have spit out a kid (if you're not a DYKE), then had a hysterectomy, gotten a job, and baked me a delicious pie - all in the SAME day, at the same time, while scrubbing the toilet with YOUR toothbrush, and letting me give you anal.

But NOOOOOOO! That would require you do something other than being a fat, judgmental, psychotic, emasculating, piggish hose beast in need of a bullet.

That's why your gash bleeds.

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