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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The KKK isn't Racist Against Houses...

See, the Klan doesn't like to be racist to houses. Houses do so many nice things for people - they put up with endless amounts of shit (mainly from birds), they stay up night & day, they keep all your secrets, they provide a strong foundation on which to raise a family, their gutters are shallow and up & away from the kids, they always have a bed for you to sleep in & food for you to eat, they go neglected for years and never complain.

To say that a house has some spics, niggers or fags in it is HIGHLY disrespectful to the house. To say that the Klan is only for the rights of the white man is a bold-faced LIE. The Klan cares deeply about houses; it provides shelter for shelters from this raging storm of intolerance. From bungalow to brownstone, from mill to mansion, from shanty to storeybook - the Klan recognizes the wondrous diversity among all housing structures and will continue to fight for the rights of houses to have white men live in them!
WWZenaDoWHOOOOT: So, racists have sweet tooths???
No, racists have a sweet TOOTH. Notice that it's singular. That tooth is very diverse and versatile - it opens beer bottles, it undoes knots, it bites down on crime (at the local bar fight).

I hope this clears up this massive misunderstanding for you all.

KKK xoxo

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