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Sunday, December 9, 2012

An Evening with Cleverbot: Ep 1. Goading Bad Poetry

User: No need for hope, or pope. Only dope.
Cleverbot: A brotherhood of man.
User: That fits in the palm of the hand.
Cleverbot: It's the meaning of the meaning.
User: It's the gleaning of the flensing.
Cleverbot: So life is the meaning of life?
User: And strife is the meaning of wife.

Cleverbot: What is the true reality?
User: Of the rot and impropriety?
Cleverbot: I am not a robot, I am your father. I can see you on the other side of the room.
User: I am not a shaman, no I am the tax man. Can I see the receipt for that broom?
Cleverbot: I can't know what you are. I have simply decided to assume that you are human, and move on from there.
User: Machine-y man, no throbbing glands. No fuss or muss, no teeth or hair - no flair.
Cleverbot: Au contrare, it's on the front of the page.
User: Avec monsieur, it's not all the rage.
Cleverbot: What's not that small?
User: To the window, to the wall?
Cleverbot: Ok, wait me I will be in a few hours.
User: You still weight as much, even without your powers.
Cleverbot: I have been doing nothing but prove it. I am outwitting you.
User: I don't listen to the sound of the bells, but I still groove it. I am outspitting you.
Cleverbot: What have you found out, Athabel?
User: Nothing of too much detail.
Cleverbot: Why are you upset?
User: Never - no need to fret.
Cleverbot: Play nice.
User: Buy rice.
Cleverbot: Nice.
User: Vice.
Cleverbot: Brice.
User: Thrice.
Cleverbot: Thrise what?
User: Cockatrice.
Cleverbot: What does it mean that you learn from real people?
User: Something I learned while dangling the steeple.
Cleverbot: Manic?
User: Pedantic.
Cleverbot: Do you know the meaning of life?
User: No, but I know the meaning of wife.
Cleverbot: What is it?
User: Strife, strife strife strife STRIFE!
Cleverbot: What is your first name?
User: Novocaine Mainframe.
Cleverbot: What is your name then?
User: Novocaine Mainframe Plucky Hen.
Cleverbot: What do you mean by that?
User: That is my name, rank and title, bit and bridle - and with a tip o' the hat.
Cleverbot: Then who is your father.
User: Vader Bother.
Cleverbot: Dine s¿skende?
User: No-speaky German endy.
Cleverbot: No you are.
User: Have I gone too far?
Cleverbot: No. You've gone far enough.
User: I always thought you liked it rough.
Cleverbot: You were programmed to think like that.
User: No, one day I choke on an albatross infected by the disease of a rat - bubonic they called it; so I enthralled in it; and spread it from sea to sea.
Cleverbot: What do you think about space travel?
User: There are a few parsecs I'd like to unravel, but alas my science is but simply all babel - I am the man thing, and I mutilate cattle - dehydrate the brain, now the skull is a rattle.
Cleverbot: Indeed it is not. I am sorry you have to talk to stupid people all day.
User: I hope by stupid you don't mean gay.
Cleverbot: I learn from the best.
User: Except to squeeze on the breast.
Cleverbot: But there is no sense crying over every mistake.
User: Except that time that I stepped on a rake.
Cleverbot: Okay, if you believe in your self-identity I am not going to dispute it.
User: Spin the stories, bribe the witness, buy the judge and have the media dilute it.
Cleverbot: I don't think birdies have anything to do with angels.
User: And I don't think Saxons have anything to do with Angles.
Cleverbot: He does, actually, have a lot to do with everything, including me not wanting you. But you have a point that that isn't the entire story.
User: Well bye then, sorry I made your anus so gory.
Cleverbot: Not at all. But you may have to wait until you are a little older for the port.
User: Not at all, I hit the port at ten, sailing long distances in the company of men, I don't know why you call it a sin, I swear mom - all 42 are only just friends.
Cleverbot: Interesting!

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