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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Morality Mountain: Mongoloid Christian Diapers and the Atheist Professor of DOOM!!!!11!!1!

Holy sweet fucking baby Jesus nipple tassles, Batman! There's an atheist professor at college! THERE'S A BALROG IN THE WOODPILE!

We NEED to take his job away RIGHT NAO! He's evil and he's persecuting me by daring to have an opinion OTHER than mine, or one from my approved list of opinions!

He attacks me at night with all his evidence, and Birkenstocks... and Patchouli.

Wait... Patchouli - I THINK HE MIGHT BE A LESBIAN! GODDAMN TRICKY SODOM WHORE got a sex change while we weren't looking - and became a mildly attractive man that I lost my 60 y/o virginity to. ON A HAM SANDWICH!

Well, I say grab your pitchforks and get ready to decimate and ruin his life! BURN his house down! KICK his puppy through a flaming TV! RAPE his cat with a BRICK - EVIL HEATHEN CAT!! RRRRRR!!! It's probably GHEYYYYY!

TORTURE! PAIN! PERSECUTE! Because I'm being persecuted by this non-believer being able to live his life and hold down a job. Not to mention he knows more than I will ever hope to - I watched too much paint dry as a kid, and the fumes got to me!

Us Christianians HAVE to persecute everyone else, because if we don't - THEY START SAYING HAPPY HOLIDAYS AT MACY'S. IT'S OUR RIGHT!


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