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Monday, June 3, 2013

Morality Mountain: Today's Sermon - "If you question your parents, YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL!"

I have come before you today, brothers and sisters, to lay yet another munition of heavenly truth at thine feet, to aid you in this WAR against Christianity-ity that the liberals have waged against us!

As the good book says in Isaiah 54:17:

"No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, said the LORD."

Now, I know that many of you have hell-bound children, probably attending some commie liberal university under the auspices of "It's the best school around! I'll be able to become the best Doctor Lawyer Doctor in the history of fiction!"

Well, I'm here to wake you up, my beloved sheeple - with your wooly, velcromatic™ coats, pushing back sweetly at the cliff's edge - to the reality of their TRUE intent! They don't wish to become a Doctor Lawyer Doctor, as if such a profession exists. Even if you break the profession apart into it's component words, it's still a heathen LIE! Doctors, Lawyers, Doctors again - WHO ever heard of such things? NO ONE!

Besides, who ever heard of a history of fiction? You can't have such a thing! Moby Dick was no more a whale than a book! Oh, they MAY produce a copy of it, but that book is no more than a liberal lie; just like the claim that "In GOD We Trust" was added to our paper money in the 1950's. It is no more than a recent invention of the "Hate GOD for PROFIT-with-an-F-not-a-PH" industry. That evil book about whale penes was created during the Clinton regime, as was this "Internet" they always keep going on about.

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE INTERNET? NO! You have NOT! It's too funny; they expect us to believe in an invisible, intangible thing such as the internet - when they deny the totally visible and tangible presence of the LIVING GOD!

Now, before I digress too much into the massive conspiracy against us who stand atop this morally correct, totally locatable mountain that we have strewn colony about, let me come back to the subject at hand.

What your children REALLY want to do with your hard-earned lucre, is to become heathen sodomistic sodomists in the sodomy laden "profession" of SCI-ENCE!

If you break down that horrid word, you see the truth of so-called "science"!

abbreviation for science; scientific

-ence or -ency - suffix forming nouns
indicating an action, state, condition, or quality: benevolence; residence; patience

Might I remind you, that people who suffer from Inconsonants - the inability to pronounce consonants at the beginning of a word - would call a fence an "ence". Also, ence is quite suspicious in it's sounding like Ents, which are sentient, DEMONIC, slow walkin', slow talkin' humanoid tree DEMONS from the accursed J. R. R. Tolkien trilogy "The Lord of the Rings".

Well, brothers and sisters, there is only ONE LORD I recognize, and that LORD is NOT of some rings - unless that ring is placed on the finger of a member of the opposite gender, in HOLY matrimony, as GOD intended!

When we put the words SCI and ENCE together, with all their meanings, we can come only to one conclusion:

SCIENCE is the practice of having a pseudo-recursive abbreviation that gives benevolent, patient authority to tree-demons to round all of us Christian-ans up behind a death camp fence, which will be our new residence, and to perform methodological experiments upon us to reduce our action, state, condition and quality, using suffix forming nouns, in order to force us into reading SATANIC J. R. R. Tolkien "novels"!


So the next time your heathen college sodomite child comes home from his or her DEN OF SIN, and tries to fill your head with their scientific LIES, LAY INTO THEM with this armor-piercing, truth laden munition of GOD'S divine truth:

THE WORLD IS FLAT! I believe it, your grandpa & grandma believed it, their parents believed it, their parents and so on believed it!
HOW DARE YOU try to tell me the Earth is an oblate spheroid that spins on an imaginary "axis", tilted 23.5 degrees, and revolves in an elliptical orbit around the sun?!?!
You are a crazy boy/girl! How can something flat & anchored, resting on pillars, revolve around something that revolves around it - and in an ellipse no less!?
Oh, "we" have "pictures" of the "Earth" from "space"? What about the Firmament? Are you trying to tell me that we, as imperfect humans, got outside this solid, BIBLICAL boundary between Earth and Heaven? The ONLY way to do that is to call upon GOD to open the windows of heaven - and he SURE AS HELL isn't going to give the fallen access to such a sacred place!
Besides, it is well documented in the sekrit dokumints I have from Gary North, Ron Paul and Alex Jones infiltrating the ACLU as gay sex slaves, that all those "space" rockets just fly off and plummet back down into the ocean that is Russia. YES, Russia doesn't exist - and communism is EVIL! Way to WASTE our tax dollars!
DON'T MAKE ME TAKE OUT A MENTAL HYGIENE WARRANT ON YOU! Now be a good boy/girl, and read your bible - else Santa won't bring you presents this year!

THAT, is how you handle your questioning children. You file mental hygiene warrants on them if they EVER question you. We ALL know that Charles Manson, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, Howdy Doody and Mr. Rogers ALL questioned their parents, and were ALL certifiably INSANE!

Take this word with you, and GOD BLESS!

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